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Interconnect Solutions

Conta Clip

Terminal blocks, product housings, cable management solutions, including Wiska’s cost-effective cable ingress products and Pflitsch’s harsh environment cable trunking solutions

ContaClip Website

Intel Silicon Photonics

100G, 400G, 800G QSFP28  and OSFP optical transceivers for SR, MR, DR, FR, and LR applications.

Silicon Photonics Website


High density interconnect for consumer, industrial, automotive, rail, networking, IoT and medical applications.  Board-to-board, board-to-cable, board-to-Flex; Memory card & memory module connectors;  SSD connectors; I/O connectors; weatherproof connectors; connectors for portable and wearable applications. 

JAE Website


EESeal® connector inserts for EMI/RFI attenuation and transient protection. 24-hr prototype turn-around time with 2-week production lead times.  ITAR-registered

Quell Website

SV Microwave

RF connectors/components – Blind mate push-on connectors; high frequency, high reliability, high performance and high power coax connectors.  Applications include test and instrumentation, military systems and space flight. Modified standard and full-custom connector solutions.  Semi-rigid & low-loss coax assemblies; complex cable harness assemblies. ITAR-registered.

SV Microwave Website

Board Level Components


Aluminum electrolytic capacitors;
polymer and hybrid capacitors; SMT, radial, snap-in, screw mount

Chemi-con Website

CML Microcircuits

IC’s for licensed & unlicensed wireless voice & data: Transmit, receive, mod/demod IC’s; baseband & radio processors, amplifiers, CODEC’s, wireline IC’s; modem IC’s; VHF and AIS (marine) IC’s

CML Microcircuits Website


Standard and custom RF filters.  Oscillators.  ITAR-registered.

Filtronetics Website

GaN Systems

Gallium-Nitride power transistors

GaN Systems Website


Johanson Dielectrics: Ceramic caps: SMT/leaded, Hi Voltage, High Temp, High Reliability; Low Inductance. X2Y filtering solutions.

JDI Website

Johanson Technology: High frequency ceramics. High-Q, MLC capacitors; chip & wire-wound inductors; chip antennas, baluns, filters, couplers. ITAR-registered

JTI Website

Taiwan Semiconductor

Power IC’s:  Rectifiers, diodes, MOSFET’s, transistors, Hall Effect sensors, IGBT’s, LED drivers

Taiwan Semiconductor Website

Zettler Relays

Automotive, power, industrial, telecom, solid state relays and contactors.

Zettler Relays Website

System Solutions


SBC’s, Computer modules, Motherboards. Industrial computer systems, Rackmount, Panel mount, Medical, Tablet, POS solutions

AValue Website

Integra Enclosures

NEMA-rated enclosures for applications where electronics and components need protection from the elements.  Polycarbonate and stainless steel, standard products and customizations.

Integra Enclosures Website

New England Keyboard

Keyboards, silicone rubber keypads, key panels/assemblies, membrane switches, displays, touch panels, molded plastics, cast metal components. ITAR-registered

New England Keyboard Website

TDK Lambda

AC/DC industrial and medical power supplies: Open frame, encased, modular,  programmable, DIN rail mount, PCB mount.

Isolated and non-isolated DC/DC conversion solutions.

TDK Lambda Website


Extended temp and extended life
Solid state drives (SSD’s) and memory modules. ITAR-registered

Virtium Website

XGR Technologies

Snapshot® board-level EMI shielding technology (formerly offered by W.L. Gore). Rugged, lightweight, custom EMI shields.  ITAR-registered

XGR Technologies Website

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