What is a Cover 2?

From the time Cover 2 Sales first opened for business in October of 2003 the question has regularly been asked: “What is Cover 2?”

The Cover 2 is a style of defense in American football. It’s a zone defense in which every defender is responsible to cover a specific area of the field. It’s typically used in pass defense situations. Two safeties play well back from the line of scrimmage. They divide the field in two, with each safety covering half. Hence, the “cover 2”. The remaining defenders provide coverage underneath the safeties, with the cornerbacks handling the sidelines and linebackers covering the middle. Defensive linemen (those that are not rushing the passer) can drop into shallow coverage to defend against short passes. While there are numerous variations of the Cover 2, in its’ purest sense the Cover 2 is a zone defense, with each player responsible for a specific territory.

When play begins, each player keeps his eyes on the ball and stays aware of what is happening in his territory. When an opportunity comes his way, the player reacts quickly and confidently to produce the desired results for his team. The Cover 2 works best when it’s staffed with high-energy personnel that have a firm understanding of their territory, can identify opportunities coming their way and can close quickly and confidently. When properly executed the Cover 2 is unbeatable.

Cover 2 Sales brings the same philosophy to sales. Staffed with ambitious, experienced, technical sales representatives, Cover 2 Sales offers the Chesapeake region unparalleled coverage. Cover 2 Sales truly is the unbeatable manufacturers’ representation option!