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Industries Served

Military & Aerospace

Cover 2 Sales offers a wide variety of products for Military and Aerospace. Applications include ground/air/sea/space communications, weapons systems, radars and other defense electronics, UAV’s, navigation and wireless communications. Our solutions include connectors, EMI filters, cable assemblies, RF filters, human-machine interface solutions and thermal management. Many of our suppliers are ITAR compliant and registered. And we offer numerous COTS products as well – from displays to power supplies to computing modules and systems.

Industrial and Transportation

Cover 2 Sales represents premier suppliers for industrial applications. Applications include process control, manufacturing, and utilities. Also included are transportation: on-road, off-road, electric vehicles and railway. All of these industries can use our smart displays, HMI and touch solutions, connectors, power conversion, computing/memory/ storage, networking, motors, relays, magnetics and thermal products.


In the medical market, we support OEM’s developing medical diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, medical wearables and monitoring equipment – patient touching or non-patient touching. For these applications we offer smart displays, HMI and touch solutions, sealed connectors, power, computing, storage, networking, motors, relays, magnetics and thermal products.

Networking and IoT

Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), networking is a very active market for the electronics industry. The desire to allow myriad electronic and mechanical devices to communicate with each other and with users over a network means there is a constant demand for power solutions (especially portable power), high-frequency and high-speed interconnect, cable and flex-cable assemblies, EMI filtering, wireless communications components, computing and storage, displays and HMI solutions.

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Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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