White Paper: Ultra-Thin Titanium Vapor Chambers (UTVC’s) in Mobile Devices

Recently, Boyd Corporation published a technical article in Electronics Cooling Magazine.  This article covered innovative Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers (UTVC’s) and how they enable new generations of Mobile, Portable, and Wearable devices and with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  As mobile devices advance it is vital to understand how new, thinner, more powerful cooling technologies are essential to continued industry growth and better performance.

The trend of improved thermal management in thinner and lighter form factors is not a trend relegated to just mobile devices, It is pervasive across all major industries.  As part of Boyd’s dedication to forward-thinking and keeping our customers well-informed, this article gives a good foundation on these emerging thermal technologies that are solving challenges in new industries

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In addition to this white paper, Boyd has publizhed technical details on TiVC’s in this datasheet

If you have any questions on UTVC’s or other thermal technologies, please contact Cover 2 Sales.  We can set up a a technical discussion with one Boyd’s engineers to discuss how to best address your thermal challenges.


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