Virtium Solid State Storage and Memory at a Glance

Virtium is a leading innovator in small-form-factor, high-capacity, high-density, high-reliability solid state storage and memory solutions. Their mission is to develop the most reliable storage and memory solutions with the greatest performance, consistency and longest product availability.

Virtium provides industrial-grade solid state storage and memory solutions to meet the requirements of the industrial market. By using high-grade components from industry leading companies, Virtium is able to offer wider temperature range support than many other companies. Solid state solutions are available using MLC, industrial temp MLC and SLC flash devices. And by negotiating strategic supply chain agreements, Virtium is able to support products long after the bleeding edge competitors have moved on to the next big form factor.

Some of Virtium’s unique features include:

  • Industrial temperature support (-40ºC to 85ºC)
  • ESD, vibration and humidity resistance
  • Balanced sequential and random read/write
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Data protection against unexpected power loss
  • Multiple interfaces and form factors
  • Low power / long product life
  • Legacy support
  • ROHS and REACH compliance

Want to know more about Virtium?  Please view the following video:

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