Virtium Expands High-Capacity I-Temp SSD Family

Virtium recently expanded their StorFly® line of industrial-grade SSD’s, boosting storage capacity in drives that protect critical data in embedded systems.  The Virtium StorFly line features industrial temperature (I-Temp) SSD’s with continuous operation in temperatures from -40C to 85C.

SSD capacity for embedded-industrial applications follows a different principle than storage for enterprise and consumer applications. StorFly drives are designed to provide secure data storage optimal for demanding applications such as data logging and high-definition video and audio. These applications require a balance between the maximum allowable capacity and drive integrity that can be compromised by heat and other adverse conditions. The StorFly line with I-Temp now includes SSD’s with up to four terabytes (TB) of capacity:

  • 1TB M.2 SATA
  • 2TB M.2 NVMe
  • 4TB 2.5-inch SATA

Read the entire press release about these higher density solutions here.

For more information on Virtium’s industrial-grade SSD’s – or their industrial-grade DRAM modules – please contact Cover 2 Sales.


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