TDK Lambda’s Latest: 1/16th Brick 300W Buck-Boost Converter

TDK Lambda recently announced the introduction of their 300W, 8A-rated i7C family of non-isolated DC-DC converters. 

The series offers an input range of 9V to 53Vdc and adjustable outputs from 9.6V to 48V.  Special care was taken in the design of the i7C to ensure a seamless transition from buck to boost operation.

With efficiencies of up to 97%, power losses are minimized allowing the product to operate and deliver high output power in demanding thermal environments. Under light load conditions, the i7C’s control techniques significantly reduce power dissipation.  A 5mA input current draw is typical under zero load conditions. And the input current can be further reduced to 0.25mA (typ) when the remote on-off is utilized.  This extends the amount of time battery powered equipment can remain functional during periods of non-peak operation.

For more information on the i7C series – or any of TDK Lambda’s power converters – please contact Cover 2 Sales.



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