SV Microwave Leads the Industry with High Frequency SMPS Multiport Edge Launch Connectors

Whether it’s a military radar system, a terrestrial radio, a satellite communications downlink or high-performance test equipment, customers are routinely faced with the competing demands for higher signal count and smaller product size. SV Microwave’s SMPS multiport edge-launch connectors are the ideal solution for high-frequency, high signal-count, PCB-mount applications where density is of the utmost importance. Operating from DC to 100GHz, the SMPS connector utilizes the same features of the SMP and SMPM connectors, but in a substantially smaller package.

Features of the SMPS Board Mount Connectors Include:

  • Performance to 100GHz
  • Multiple port counts and detent options available
  • Blindmate / push-on design (RFfortless®)
  • Customized PCB footprint with design-through-simulation optimization
  • Minimal impedance reflections


  • High frequency, inside-the-box cable assemblies
  • High density multiport connectors and blocks
  • Board edge-mount to backplane
  • Board-to-board interconnect

In addition to these board mount multiport connectors, SV offers a broad range of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. Many of them are available (in stock) from our distribution partners.

If you don’t find the configuration you desire, please contact Cover 2 Sales to discuss a solution to meet your needs.


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