Rugged, Sealed, Long-Life Optical Encoders from Grayhill

If you’re designing a human-machine interface that absolutely REQUIRES durability, your best options are Grayhill’s 62SG, 62AG and 62NG optical encoders. Grayhill’s encoders are known for their reliability, long-life, seal integrity, and reducing shaft wobble.

Designers use optical encoders for many reasons.  One main reason is that they employ non-contact switching technology. This technology results in an exceptionally high operational lifetime for the device. In addition to their reliability, Grayhill’s optical encoders are often chosen because of the quality tactile feedback they provide to users. Grayhill’s encoders can be single, stand-alone devices. Or they can employ concentric shafts, joysticks and/or pushbuttons integrated into single, compact devices. Custom shaft and threaded bushing sizes are available.

Typical applications for optical encoders include:

  • Healthcare: patient monitors, ventilators, imagers and diagnostic equipment
  • Communication systems: two-way radios, software-defined radios
  • Navigation for ground vehicles and avionics
  • Precision test and measuring equipment
  • Sound mixing and editing consoles
  • Automotive climate control and entertainment systems

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