Quiet Modular Power Supplies for Medical and Industrial Applications

Medical equipment is one of the most rapidly evolving vertical markets in the electronics industry. Equipment is being made smarter, more-capable and smaller. Interestingly, one of the primary complaints with medical equipment is a very low-tech one: Audible noise. Equipment that has to drive a motor, a pump or any mechanical device requires a fair amount of power. And larger power supplies require cooling fans. Fans are the chief culprit of this noise. The market is demanding highly efficient medical power supplies with a smaller form factor, maximum output flexibility and low audible noise.

TDK Lambda has addressed these needs with their new “QM” (Quiet Modular) series of configurable AC/DC power supplies. Utilizing low speed, low audible noise fans, these devices are much quieter than any other solution on the market today.


The QM series of supports up to 18 outputs and total power levels to 1500W, allowing customers to configure exactly the power solution they need. In addition, these supplies come with medical isolation (MoPP) and safety certifications (IEC 60601-1, IEC 60950-1, and IEC 61010-1), making them ideal for medical, test, communications and broadcast equipment. Other features include:

  • PMBus™ support
  • Global ON/OFF
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Remove sense
  • -20C to +70C operating temperature
  • Seven (7) year warranty

If you’d like more information on the QM series – or if you have a power supply requirement you’d like to discuss, please contact Cover 2 Sales


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