Quell’s U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart

The recent growth in wireless communications is staggering and, as a result, there are innumerable users of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. To prevent interference between users, the United States has defined regulations for the transmission of radio waves in various frequency bands. Some frequency bands are reserved for public and government uses. Others are licensed to operators of communications services, like broadcast TV and cell phones. And other bands are unregulated and available for public use.

If your vocation or avocation has you working or playing in the radio frequency spectrum, keeping track of the various frequency allocations is critical. There are thirty different types of radio services and the allocations are often changing as new technologies are developed.

Quell Corporation has developed a chart of the United States’ frequency allocation to map the uses of all of the US frequency bands and their users. The chart covers frequencies from 0Hz to 300GHz.

Click here to get your United States Frequency Allocation Chart


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