Learn More About USB4 40Gbps Connectors

Interested in learning more about USB4™?  JAE has compiled some resources that you might find useful in learning more about this new standard.  Also included are links to JAE's lineup of USB connectors and infomation on how to order.

Introduction to USB4

As one of the key members involved in creating the USB cable and connector standard JAE has put together a quick reference guide providing key details on the new USB4 standard, including each new enhancement, key specifications, what's new with connectors and cables.


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USB4 Cable Harnesses and Plugs


This comprehensive guide includes all of the key details pertaining to USB4 certified Cable Harnesses and Plugs.  Included in this guide is a list of cable harnesses that have been certified by USB4 (the most recent USB-compliant standard), and the plug connectors used in those harnesses.


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USB Type-C® Connectors at JAE


Visit JAE's USB Type-C landing page to learn more about the different USB Type-C receptacles, plugs, and cable harnesses they offer.


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Where to Buy


Find JAE's USB Type--C connectors at both Digi-Key and Mouser



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