Introducing the Grayhill Touch Encoder

Are you looking for a new approach to human-machine interface (HMI) design and implementation? Grayhill‘s new Touch Encoder may be your solution. The Touch Encoder is Grayhill’s newest innovation, allowing designers to reduce their product’s HMI footprint by consolidating multiple interfaces components, such as touch displays, keypads, buttons, trackballs, joysticks and switches, into a single device.

With a simple tablet-hosted development suite, the Touch Encoder can be programmed to support a multitude of languages, configurations and applications.  Key advantages of the Touch Encoder include:

  • Consolidation of multiple HMI component functionalities
  • No look operation
  • USB and CAN bus interfaces
  • Support for many gestures, including tap, swipe, and rotation
  • Sealed construction
  • Impact resistant
  • Support for multiple configurations
  • Easy implementation of multiple languages

Watch the following video to see application examples of the next generation in product design and to learn how simple it is to create an intuitive user experience.

Contact us for more information about Grayhill’s new Touch Encoder.


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