Grayhill – High Quality Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions

Grayhill designs and manufacturers intuitive human interface solutions that make life simpler, safer and more efficient. Standard products include optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and pushbuttons; all with finely tuned haptics. Grayhill specializes in creating ergonomic panels and product shells that integrate various interface technologies, including displays, touch technology and motion sensing.


Since their founding in 1943, Grayhill has been committed to providing top-quality human interface solutions for a wide range of applications. They were the first in their field to achieve ISO 9001 certification. More recently, Grayhll was among the first to be certified to the SAE AS9100 Revision D Quality Management System (QMS) for defense organizations. Grayhill is known for premium grade components and reliability. In-house electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing labs are keys in ensuring top quality products.

Grayhill also specializes in creating solutions that integrate multiple interface technologies, including displays, their own HMI components, and gesture-recognizing multi-touch technology.

Learn more about Grayhill’s history here, or Contact Cover 2 Sales to discuss your HMI needs.


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