Full 3D Simulation Now Available with Johanson SMT Antennas

Most wireless designers prefer to simulate designs before committing them to hardware. If you’re one of these, the latest news from Johanson Technology, Inc. will be of interest. JTI has made full 3D simulation of their chip antennas available in HFSS – Ansys’ 3D electromagnetic field simulation software. By using ANSYS HFSS version 18.3 or later, designers can import or drag-and-drop complete Johanson Technology EM SMT antenna models into their work space. No longer are non-disclosure agreements or special permissions required. Simulations provide designers with essential information about design decisions so that they can produce the best wireless product possible using embedded Johanson antennas.

The three chapter tutorial below will show you how to create a simulation environment, import components, tune the chip antenna, and perform a full simulation, including gain and radiation patterns.

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3:

Johanson has a broad range of chip antennas to meet customers need.  Evaluation boards are also avaialble, to test the performance of the antenna prior to committing it to a design.  And Johanson also offers complimentary RF layout reviews of customer designs prior to fabrication to ensure optimum radiated performance.

For assistance with models, samples, eval boards, or to discuss design reviews, please Contact Cover 2 Sales.


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