Electrocraft: The Ideal Multi-Market Motion Control Solutions Provider

ElectroCraft is a global manufacturer of off-the-shelf and engineered fractional-horsepower motors and motion products. ElectroCraft provides a wide range of standard products and many are available with configurable options. In addition, ElectroCraft is known for their ability to provide customized motion solutions to meet OEMs’ precise performance, cost and quality requirements.

ElectroCraft’s solutions can be found in a variety of applications, including:


Precision control of weaponry, radars and surveillance equipment, and unmanned vehicles have helped to enable a military that is second-to-none. And ultimately, more safe for combat personnel. ElectroCraft’s solutions offer the precision and reliability these applications require.


Aircraft, trains, marine vessels and motor vehicles all utilize motors for on-board functions. Powertrain and emissions controls, door and HVAC controls, in-cabin controls, marine stabilizers, camera systems are just a few of the many applications. ElectroCraft’s motion solutions are chosen because of this market’s needs for performance, precision, reliability and custom solutions.


Robotics is one of the fastest growing markets today with products spanning the commercial/consumer, industrial, medical and military segments. From traction and steering systems to joint positioning and electric gripper control, ElectroCraft offers a variety of customized motors, drives, gearing and mechanical actuator solutions to satisfy most system requirements.


Mobility solutions, surgical robots, lab automation and analysis equipment; these are just a few of the potential applications for motion control products within the medical arena. In the medical office, compact size, precision, efficiency, and quiet operation are all critical needs. ElectroCraft’s high-torque density brushless motors, compact gear motors and precision drives are ideal for these applications. In the laboratory robotic arms, rotary tables, fluid pumps, centrifuges and dispensing systems need precise motorized positioning and speed control. ElectroCraft’s steppers, DC motors, gear motors, actuators and high-performance drive products provide the capability these systems require.

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