ElectroCraft Motor Drives for Stepper, PMDC and Brushless DC Motors

Looking for a DC motor drive? Look no further! ElectroCraft’s DC motor drives are designed for high performance and are ideal when precise speed and position control are required.

ElectroCraft’s Universal Drives utilize state-of-the-art digital-drive technology and an intuitive and highly configurable user interface to take performance, efficiency and flexibility to the next level. These drives are ideal for all DC motor types, including stepper, permanent magnet DC and brushless DC motors, making them perfect for a wide range of industrial, commercial market, and consumer product applications. ElectroCraft offers three standard capacities and customized versions are available.

The PRO Series of programmable drives from ElectroCraft are full programmable motion controllers with unprecedented flexibility in a compact footprint. They are capable of powering permanent magnetic DC, brushless and stepper motors (open and closed loop).

For a further introduction on these motor drives, please watch the following video:

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