480VAC Solutions for Switching High Voltages

This blog article discusses the solutions from American ZETTLER that are capable of switching or isolating high voltage circuits operating at 480VAC.  This ranges from bulky definite-purpose contactors, which handle the higher power loads more commonly associated with 480VAC circuits, down to miniature power (latching) relays popular in lighting.

These robust switches offer safety approvals and certified ratings well suited for a number of applications including refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, elevators, food service equipment, cranes, hoists, welding machines, power supplies, vending machines, lighting, pumps and compressors.

Perspective: A smaller XMC0 contactor next to AZSR1200, AZSR190, AZ2800, and AZ576 power relays.

XMC0 Definite Purpose Contactors are available in various pole configurations with options for auxiliary contacts, micro switches, and mechanical interlocks

25-90 FLA up to 600VAC

125-450 LRA at 480VAC ​

​AZSR1200, AZSR1180, and AZSR1160 single pole PCB mount power relays are well suited for solar inverter applications

Make/break 40A, carry up to 200A, 920VAC (85°C)

50 make/break cycles up to 200A, 920VAC (85°)

AZSR190 and AZSR165 single pole PCB relays are common in both solar and EVSE applications.  Up to 55A at 480VAC (85°C) for 30k cycles

​Up to 55A at 480VAC (85°C) for 30k cycles

Up to 100A at 480VAC (85°C) for 1k cycles ​


AZ2800 (panel mount) and AZ2850 (PCB mount) are popular double-pole power relays available in DPST and DPDT configurations

​8 FLA or 10A general use on normally open contacts up to 600VAC

2 FLA or 2A general use on both normally open and closed contacts at 480VAC.  


AZ576 (non-latching) and AZ576P (latching) miniature power relays in single pole configurations are great for lighting and other smaller loads on 277, 347 or 480VAC circuits

​3.7A std. ballast at 480VAC (105°C)

2.7A elec. ballast at 480VAC (105°C)
1HP rating at 480VAC (85°C)


For more information about American ZETTLER’s switching products, please contact Cover 2 Sales.


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